FUTURE BUSINESS: AI app helps save millions of lives

Dr. Pero Mićić

FUTURE BUSINESS: AI app helps save millions of lives

An AI app helps save millions of lives. In the Future Business series, we take a look at markets and business areas that are just at the beginning of the famous S-curve, meaning they still offer great opportunities and are transferable to many industries. Certainly also on your business and your job.

Today, we are talking about a business that is based on the combination of two technology trends in the Trend System: Intelligentization, there as a sub-trend image recognition, and health technologies, especially AI-supported diagnostics.


Tuberculosis is still the deadliest infectious disease. 1.4 million die from it annually to date. The current pandemic has already killed 2.2 million people. Many other infectious diseases kill many millions worldwide. It is in poor regions of the world that tuberculosis and most infectious diseases are most prevalent. And of all places, there is a shortage of doctors.


Qure.AI, a company based in India, has developed an app called qXR that uses artificial intelligence to detect deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, covid19 and 27 other diseases on X-ray images in less than a minute. Virtually anyone with a cell phone and this app can diagnose these diseases with 95% accuracy. Large-scale screening and early detection become possible at low cost. Expensive lab tests are reduced to the bare minimum and, most importantly, the AI app helps save many lives.

Advantages and plus arguments

The AI app does not replace doctors, it supports them optimally. Doctors must only be consulted in cases of suspicion. In 95% of the cases, the app is right. Doctors can focus their valuable and scarce time on the truly sick. The app is more accurate in analyzing images than most doctors. Today already. And soon she will be better than any medical professional in the world. Because with each analyzed image, it becomes better and better and more reliable. This AI will never forget its knowledge and skills. And it can be copied millions of times, at minimal cost. We can’t train that many specialized female physicians, certainly not with those skills and not that quickly. Another step forward on the way to a better quality of life worldwide.

Disadvantages and minus arguments

What are the disadvantages? What are the arguments against it? Even after thinking about it for a while, I can’t think of any rational argument against such intelligent diagnostic solutions. After all, doctors’ jobs aren’t going away. On the contrary, their work is facilitated and they can alleviate more suffering and save more lives.


The combination of two trends, intelligentization and health technologies, i.e. image-recognizing artificial intelligence, will help, especially in medicine, to detect diseases at the earliest stage and thus cure them much more easily. This would also be good for the healthcare system. And this principle of AI-assisted early detection can be used not only medically in humans and animals, but in countless other areas. In machines, vehicles, buildings, virtually all products, and even for early detection of conflicts in teams and entire societies.

What can you learn for your business and your job from this case?

  1. For your existing business: use image-recognition AI apps in your business model where something is or could be viewed, observed and analyzed by eye or camera. There is much more possible than you think.
    1. You increase the quality and reliability of your products and services for your customers.
    2. You increase the benefit for your customers. Early detection is enormously valuable not only in medicine, but in virtually every field.
    3. This saves you time and money, and highly qualified employees can concentrate on the essentials.
  2. For new business areas: Where among your customers, suppliers, or related businesses can you use image-recognition AI to develop better, cheaper, or faster solutions?

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I wish you a bright future.

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