How to position yourself optimally now for the post-Corona era

Enno Däneke

Do you have a post-Corona strategy? Why you should act NOW at the latest …

Light at the end of the tunnel

The Corona pandemic may currently be moving into a decisive phase. While the number of infections continues to rise, hospitalizations, severe courses of disease and deaths are no longer developing proportionally. The first countries are already lifting their restrictions. There is reasonable hope that we are slowly but surely moving into an endemic situation.

The reasons for this are well known. Vaccinations effectively protect against severe courses. Treatment options with new drugs are much better today than at the beginning of the pandemic, and we have more experience in dealing with the virus. At the same time, current variants appear to be more contagious but less dangerous. Finally, the number of people who have survived an infection and thus have basic immunity is also increasing.

The consequences of Corona remain noticeable

For entrepreneurs, it is now time to take stock and look ahead again. Even after the pandemic, Corona as a virus will not have disappeared. The impact of the pandemic – from continued disrupted supply chains to, in some cases, even more polarized societies to high inflationary pressures – will be felt for a long time to come.

The consequences for the world of work will also be immense. We will work differently after the pandemic than we did before the pandemic.

Yes, we have received a digitization boost. Especially in Germany. But it would be short-sighted to think that with slightly more flexible working hours and home office rules, we would be ready for the post-Corona era. Changes run through all areas: from digitization and automation to changing cooperation strategies and international supply networks to a reassessment of sustainability and work-life balance. Some of these changes stay forever.

Use scenarios to assess changes

I recently described in four scenarios what our society might look like after the pandemic and what that means for the world of work.

The magnitude and direction of the changes vary by region. Nor will all industries be affected to the same extent. Much depends on how we deal with the conflicts created by the fight against Corona.

Even now, you will not be able to avoid doing a solid assumption analysis in your team, as I recommended at the beginning of the pandemic. They need a clear picture of what is likely to come and the uncertainties that will persist.

Align your strategy for the post-Corona future

Building on this, you should take the opportunity to rethink your business from the ground up. The following questions will help you to future-proof your company:

Check if your mission still carries after the Corona Pandemic!

  • What benefits are you creating for your customers in the new era? What problems do you solve and what wishes do you fulfill?
  • Can you continue to do that with your current solutions? How do you need to adapt your solutions and what new services should you offer?
  • And do you still have the same customers at all?
  • Are you making a contribution to the well-being of humanity that continues to count? Or, to put it another way, is your Purpose still relevant after the Corona pandemic?

Develop your positioning further!

  • Will you position yourself differently after the pandemic than before?
  • How are the rules of the game changing in your market?
  • Has the competitive situation changed so that you have to react?
  • Are your customers’ priorities changing so that their current unique selling propositions are worth less? How then can you differentiate yourself in the future?

What is your vision?

  • What do you want to make of your business in the decade after the pandemic?
  • Where do you want your company to be in 2030? What do you want to have achieved?
  • There is a chance to make the post-pandemic period a golden age. What is your part in this?

Is your business model still viable?

  • Does your business model continue to create unique value for your customers and is it difficult to imitate?
  • Should you change your value creation to become faster, more flexible or simply better?
  • How do you become less vulnerable to future crises (not just pandemics)?

These and other questions help you to align your company for the future. They make your company future-proof.

Their ambition must be to emerge stronger from the crisis and move into an era of success.

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