Interview with Paul Netzsch: How the NETZSCH Group makes itself future-proof

Dr. Pero Mićić

Interview with Paul Netzsch – Part 1

The Netzsch Group is a 150-year-old owner-managed, successful family business in the field of mechanical engineering and operates all over the world. The more than 4,000 employees work in three business units with products for almost every industry and country in the world.

Together with Netzsch, we developed the future strategy for the holding company and the individual business units.
I asked one of the owners, Paul Netzsch, about what characterizes his new strategy for the future and how it affects his company and employees.

Interview with Paul Netzsch – Part 2

The second part of the interview is about why and how Paul Netzsch takes time for the future and strategy and how he develops, evaluates and implements future opportunities.

You too can realign your company for the future

Make your business future-proof. Future-proof companies have the following characteristics that you can achieve with us:

✔️ They sustainably improve the quality of life for many people.

✔️Sie are working on major realizable future opportunities.

✔️ Many customers like to buy a lot and at profitable prices.

✔️ Excellent employees come, stay and engage gladly.

✔️ Their productivity is at the top of the industry.

✔️ Your competitors will have a hard time copying you.

✔️ You are protected against technical-strategic disruptions.

✔️ Your company is a joy for shareholders.


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I wish you a bright future!

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