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How much is a good mission and vision worth in euros?

You will more easily attract and retain your customers, your investors and your employees. Show people a future they can look forward to. Take your chance. Don’t wait until someone comes along who has a great vision. Develop your bright future now.

More mobility – fewer cars: Is the German automotive industry facing extinction?

In retrospect, the early 2020s will mark the beginning of the end of individual motorized transport and the internal combustion engine. Massive changes are in store for the automotive industry, as the mobility world of the 2030s will be a different, radically data-driven and service-oriented one. In the worst-case scenario, German automakers are suppliers to the major U.S. IT giants.

Genome Editing and CRISPR

Since time immemorial, man’s goal has been to improve himself and his living conditions. To do this, we use science and technology and, in doing so, we repeatedly cross boundaries.