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Six strategies for success in the next era of mobility

Electromobility and autonomous driving are coming. I remember well that even in leading automotive companies, this statement was fundamentally questioned just a few years ago. There is now agreement on this, and the only disagreement among leadership teams is about the speed of change and the urgency of action.

Will blockchains & co. revolutionize our lives and work?

Blockchain technology is seen as having great potential: It is supposed to simplify, democratize, revolutionize and disrupt almost everything, i.e. make it superfluous. It is designed to create new markets and destroy known markets. It is said to be the biggest innovation since the invention of the World Wide Web. But what actually is blockchain? And who exactly will benefit and how?

You cannot lead without a picture of the future

A lot of authentic field reports of well-known companies about their cooperation with FutureManagementGroup AG brought an exciting insight into different aspects of future management at the 12th Eltville Future Days in the Pyramide Mainz. During the conference, Thomas Rupp had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Pero Mićić, founder and CEO of Eltville Future Managers, for the Strategie Journal.

Professions with a future

Which professions are being eliminated and which are being created? How is the German economy developing? – Questions that Dr. Philipp Reisinger explores.