Marcapo: Success with AI in SMEs – Interview

Dr. Pero Mićić

The Marcapo company

There are many successful companies in the German-speaking world that are only known to experts. One of these is our client Marcapo, with whom we have developed their future strategy. The company is based in the Franconian town of Ebern, has almost 200 employees and works for almost 70 brand companies such as ERGO, Hansgrohe, Küche&Co, Goodyear, WELLA and AXA. Over 65,000 sales partners of these brands use Marcapo’s services and solutions.

I have rarely seen a company that has implemented its future strategy so early and so consistently. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Marcapo.

The mission of Marcapo

Marcapo’s mission is: “We make local marketing simple and effective.” The business is to facilitate the joint marketing success of brand companies and their local sales partners using digitalization and artificial intelligence. The trends in bricks-and-mortar retail, the impending loss of local providers due to centralized online competition and the sometimes drastic changes to city centres are some of the trends on which the company bases its future opportunities.

Marcapo is headed by the three founders and managing directors Thomas Ötinger, Christian Schwarzenberger and Marc-Stephan Vogt.

A future-proof company

By my standards, Marcapo is a very future-proof company. They almost perfectly fulfill the eight characteristics of future-proof companies that I described in my latest book. Amnon Harman, CEO of d+b audiotechnik, calls them the “Eight Delicacies”. I interviewed the likeable team of three about how exactly they have made their company more future-proof.

Interview with the three managing directors

You too can realign your company for the future

Make your business future-proof. Future-proof companies have the following characteristics that you can achieve with us:

✔️ They sustainably improve the quality of life for many people.

✔️Sie are working on major realizable future opportunities.

✔️ Many customers like to buy a lot and at profitable prices.

✔️ Excellent employees come, stay and engage gladly.

✔️ Their productivity is at the top of the industry.

✔️ Your competitors will have a hard time copying you.

✔️ You are protected against technical-strategic disruptions.

✔️ Your company is a joy for shareholders.


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