Scope for the future. How we will spend our free time

Trends, challenges and opportunities for the leisure and entertainment industry

As a supplier or service provider in the markets relevant to the games, leisure and entertainment industry, are you looking for a strategy to successfully tackle the megatrend of digitization in the future? Play spaces are always spaces for the future, because nothing awakens our creativity and capacity for innovation more than the desire to invent something we enjoy.

How we will spend our free time in the future? In our Market Foresight, we present the key trends and technologies that will shape the market over the next five to fifteen years. We have also developed exemplary opportunities opened up by these changes, some of which are highly disruptive, to help you focus on the futures that can be shaped for you.

Future Leisure: Key Insights

  • Hybrid scopes are increasingly emerging. In the future, we will find AI game partners and opponents anytime and anywhere – in the real and virtual world.
  • The city is becoming a play space: changing leisure budgets, an increasing focus on experience, and augmented and virtual reality applications are fostering a new game architecture.
  • Autonomous vehicles will open up new spaces that we will also use for play – alone and
    with others, digitally and physically.

Excerpt from the contents: Scope for the future. How we will spend our free time

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