The future of mobility: The 8 most important trends and technologies

As an automotive supplier, are you looking for a strategy to successfully master the challenges of the future?

In the area of tension between continuity and disruption, the development of a future-robust vision and strategy is an urgent necessity. Trends and technologies will permanently change both customer expectations and mobility itself. Parts of the traditional automotive value chain are disappearing. Developing a digital strategy and new business models is realistically imperative for those who want to survive in the market. Over the next few weeks, we will be presenting the developments that will shape and change the market for automotive suppliers over the next five, ten or fifteen years.

Individual trends and technologies

  • Trend 1: Electric vehicles
  • Trend 2: Connected vehicles
  • Trend 3: Autonomous vehicles
  • Trend 4: New mobility services
  • Trend 5: Network economy
  • Trend 6: Data-based business model
  • Trend 7: Material innovations
  • Trend 8: Increasing intensity of competition

The future of the market for automotive suppliers is described with the help of the five future glasses of the Eltville model for future-robust strategy development.

This series is based on the FMG Market Foresight Roadmap to Disaster? Surviving Disruption! Vision candidates for automotive suppliers in a radically changing market.

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Have a bright future!