Skills of the future

Successful in the age of AI and robots

One feature of the 2020s will be that artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic systems will progressively shape our everyday professional and personal lives. AI will become ubiquitous in the enterprise, so that sound and competitive corporate management is no longer conceivable without it. What skills will we need in the future?

In order for society and the economy to function successfully, new skills must be addressed and professionally promoted, from early childhood development to school-based and in-service education.
Since lifelong learning is of fundamental importance in the present and the future, every person must strive to meet the new requirement criteria in order to be able to successfully help shape the world of tomorrow.

Acquiring a comprehensive skills portfolio consisting of hard and soft skills in equal measure,
is crucial for personal and also corporate success.

What skills will be needed in the future? How is the way we learn and work changing?

The Market Foresight ‘Skills of the Future’ provides a brief overview of the key skills of the future and the key trends that will demand these skills.

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