Smart craft: Between tradition and technology

Vision candidates and future strategies for the skilled crafts sector and its partners

As a craft company or partner in the craft sector, are you looking for a strategy to successfully master the challenges of the future? In the field of tension between continuity and disruption, tradition and technology, the development of a future-robust vision and strategy in the skilled trades is an urgent necessity. Trends and technologies will permanently change both customer expectations and the craft itself.

In our Market Foresight, we present the key trends that will shape the market over the next five to fifteen years. Digital technology is increasingly coming into focus. In addition, we will use five exemplary vision candidates to show you how the skilled trades and their partners could align themselves in order to continue to be successful in the market with new solutions and business models.

Technology: Craft 4.0

Crafts 4.0 is characterized by automation, the use of robots and AI applications.

In the future, craftsmen will work together with robots, software and AI. More and more tasks can be automated. Digitally supported applications are already part of everyday life in many areas of the skilled trades. Coupled with the increasing use of robots, for example for routine work, they could make a decisive contribution in the medium term to processing more orders even when personnel are scarce.

Customers’ requirements in terms of communication, products and services are increasing with the
Degree of digitization. Smart services are emerging as a lucrative new business area. Craftsmen need to increase their digital and service skills.

Craft: Between tradition and technology

With this Market Foresight, we want to do one thing above all: give you initial food for thought for a future full of opportunities for your company. We would like to support you in systematically arriving at your own convictions and insights! They are the basis on which your promising image of the future is built. This is the only way to focus and clearly align your future activities.

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Have a bright future!